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Quickly and Easily Build Your Own Web Site Using these 25 Templates

Dear Friend,

Designing a web site can be hard...brutally hard...but it's about to get a whole lot easier!

Most people only have two options for creating a web site...

Option #1: They can hire a professional designer to do it for them which will usually cost a minimum of $2,000 for one who knows what they're doing...This is out of the budget for most small businesses.

Option #2: They can design their own web sites from scratch...This will be much cheaper, but it can take weeks just to come up with a basic layout that works and looks decent.

Finally, there's a 3rd much quicker, easier, and cheaper option for the average soon-to-be webmaster...

25 Complete Web Site Templates Designed Specifically for the Small and Home Based Business Owner in Mind...You Can Use Them...Steal Them...Edit Them...And Post Them As Your Site

You don't have to design your web site from scratch...We've worked hard the past 6 months designing 25 different web site layouts that you can edit and "personalize" as your own.

Look through the templates available...Pick out the One You Like...Edit the text following our exact directions (we give specific directions such as write your headline here, put links here, etc.), and then upload it to your web site.

It couldn't be any quicker or easier to have your own site...

Internet Marketing's Dirty Little Secret is That Most "Experts" Use Templates to Design All Of Their Web Sites

Designing anything from scratch is difficult...so most marketing experts will simply "template" one of their sites and then recreate all of their other sites following it's pattern.

This one technique helps them to run rings around any beginner. Instead of spending a month designing each web site, they just grab one they've already done, change a few colors, add new text...and it's ready to go.

Now, you'll be able to do the exact same thing using the 25 templates available to you here!

Below are 10 pictures of the sample templates. Every one of the templates comes with a home page (index page) and several support pages for free reports, contact, information, products, etc.

Complete instructions are written on each of the pages telling you where to put your headlines, ad text, bullet copy, and links to other sites. You basically get a complete fill-in-the-blank map for building your web sites.


You Can Use Any Web Program

These 25 templates will work on any computer...IBM compatible or Macintosh. They will work in any web design program...HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc.

You could even download them in the next 5 minutes and use a complete free program such as Frontpage Express to edit them.

Since the hard work of developing a web design is already done for you...you can use any free program you find on http://www.download.com to create your own sites. Just do a search there for "web design."

Any program will do nicely to finish your web sites with these templates...

How Much is an Unfair Internet
Advantage Worth to You?

Check around the Internet for high quality templates you can use for your business and you'll find there's not much out there. We found one site selling templates for $97 each...If you wanted 25 of them, it would cost you $2,425!

They're certainly worth that much...since they can save you hour upon hour in web design time...BUT we wouldn't even consider selling it for this much since it would end up pricing most home businesses out of the market.

SO...we've decided to give you all 25 templates for the price that the other company we checked out was charging for one...$97.

PLUS...we know that many of our customers are on a tight budget so we're going to do one better. If you order today, you can get all 25 templates delivered to you instantly upon purchase for the price of only $47.

We're willing to do this because we know that you will be so excited about having your new web site up that you'll purchase other Internet marketing products from us in the future. You get a GREAT DEAL and we get more future business.

100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you're not absolutely thrilled with these 25 templates and how they help you put up your own Internet web site immediately...then you get 100% of your money back anytime in the next FULL YEAR!

You have ZERO RISK... You will be able to save days building your web site designs or your money back...it's that simple. No Questions. No Hassles.

Order Now - Only $47

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Success to you!

Tom Hua

Sure...you could work your butt off for 20 hours coming up with each individual design you want to use...or you could simply use a template and "paste" in the text you want. It took almost 6 months to design the web sites in this package...How much is half a year of your time worth to you?


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