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mmcover Discover exactly how to make your online business produce more profits everyday, using mindset medication used for centuries, by the experts!

Once you have these "secrets" in your possession, nothing can stop you from achieving the success you dream of (no matter how big that may be)! I guarantee it!

"Hi John, Fantastic! Don't see how it could be improved on. I'm glad to see this coming from a long time Warrior member. Finally, somebody "gets it". Powerful book!" -- Allen Says, Founder & Owner, Internet Marketing Warriors.

From the desk of John Colanzi, July, 2002.

Dear Internet friend,

Do you ever wonder why some marketers make money so easily (are so successful), while others around them continue to fail miserably at the same things?

If you answered "Yes" to that question, I have some really great news for you!

You see, the truth of it, is that most successful people are not that much smarter than you, me, or the average person.

And the key to their success lies simply in what I now call "Motivational Magic"!

 How "Motivational Magic" Will Change YOUR Life!

This is the great news I promised you just above.

In a minute, you too can discover, implement and even share the same kind of "Motivational Magic" used by the experts for centuries, with as many other marketers as you can find!

And in doing the latter, you will be able to make more money for yourself--much more easily, and of course, help others make more money too!

Achieving your life long dreams (AND helping others achieve theirs) is indeed one of the best feelings in the world. I know because I've been privileged to do both, and YOU are about to experience that feeling too!

But, more on that in a minute. First, lets talk about what's in "Motivational Magic" and how it can help you and your prospects, immediately!

What Almost No One Is Willing To Talk About Regarding Online Business.. Mine or Yours!

The Big Cover Up..

You see. As in all breakthroughs in life, the truth of it is really very simple, so I won't mince words with you about this.

The reason why some marketers make money so easily while others fail, is simply because they (the successful/succeeding marketers) have developed a wealthy mindset (which as you will soon discover is pretty hard to develop with the WRONG tools).

That really is it. The Big cover up lies in the fact that many successful people know that besides all of the fantastic, handy dandy marketing tactics and techniques that abound, their success depends on their rich mindset. Plain and simple.

It sounds so ridiculous that just that one factor is what helps them become (and remain) successful that when you ask, they feel inclined to tell you something that actually sounds much more convincing.

The truth is however, in doing so, these people are in fact doing you a big disservice.

Why do I say that? Simple.

As you are about to find out, once your mind set is enriched with the same success secrets that have enriched me and other successful marketers, you too can very easily make your dream a reality.

And, just as I and other successful marketers continue to strengthen ourselves and businesses everyday, with some of the absolute most simple, but 100% effective mindset medication secrets known to man, you too will be able to use this information to..

tick Develop a truly wealthy mindset, so you can make more money!

tick Stay motivated to succeed, so you can have a happier home life!

tick Always come out a winner, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in!

tick Guarantee 100% success in your business, while others not "in-the-know" just keep on failing!

If any of these benefits sound exciting to you, you're just 5 minutes away from the success you may have been seeking for years!

OK, if you're ready lets get right down to exactly what you'll discover in the "Motivational Magic" special reports!

In 'Motivational Magic!' you'll discover how to...

tick Make your resolutions stick!

tick Harness the Power Of Your Habits!

tick Eliminate Procrastination!

tick Turn Adversity into Opportunity!

tick Implement Ben Franklin's secrets for creating a more YOU!

tick Apply J. Paul Getty's secret for creating the kind of wealth YOU want!

tick Create wealth doing what YOU love!

tick Make your goals manageable!

tick Unleash the awesome power of your subconscious!

tick Plus, much, much, much more!!!

I guarantee that 'Motivational Magic!' will...

tick Get your blood flowing like never before!

tick Make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, and do what you do best!

tick Without a doubt, turn YOU into the expert in YOUR life!

But, don't take my word for it, see
what some of my satisfied readers have to say...

"John, Your ebook is great! I'm on page 10, and am just flowing through and can't wait to reach page 52 just so I can get all this down and my 'little elves' can get started working for me. You're super! Thanks. My wife, Natly sends her best wishes as well.. she thinks your ebook is one a million too! Cheers,"
-- Kunle Olomofe, Real Power Profits,

"John, Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed "Motivational Magic" You and I think very much alike - you see and understand what it REALLY takes to be successful. You tell it like it is, you speak from the heart, and you always try to serve the other person. That's why I run your articles to my newsletter readers on a regular basis, that's why I consider you a friend, and that's why I am VERY happy to give "Motivational Magic" my official "Frank Garon Seal Of Approval". Thanks," -- Frank Garon, Webmaster

"John, Not only do I consider you a very trusted friend and one of my very favorite editor peers but my readers and I LOVE your motivational articles. It is due TO your talent in this particular genre that I created the Motivational Corner section in my ezine! I admired your *marketing* how-to's but as you have grown so has your talent and it is your motivation and mentoring type words of wisdom that have made me and KEEP me being one of your biggest fans! I am very proud to give both YOU and your latest wonderful creation my 100% endorsement and congrats on another job well done! Your fan"
-- Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Rim Digest,

So, how much is "Motivational Magic!" going to cost you,
and how can you grab access to it, right away?

Earlier on in this letter, I promised you would be able to share "Motivational Magic" with as many marketers as you can find, and that you can make money (as much as you want), doing so.

The truth is though, I know that some people would like to get only instant access to this ebook and may not be at all interested in passing the ebook on to others.

So, if that happens to be you, I've set this up so that you can grab "Motivational Magic!" now, for the access-only price of just $27!

If you consider what the over 20 potent motivational reports in "Motivational Magic!" will do for your business within a matter of just hours from now, spending $27 to access this knowledge should be least worry on your mind.

You Have My 100% Iron-Clad
180-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are ever unhappy with your "Motivational Magic" purchase, simply email me and request an immediate refund within 180 days of your order.

I promise to courteously and quickly fulfill your request, because your future business is much more important to me than this initial order.

Or,  You Can Grab Our Limited Time
Dealer Opportunity for Just $123.00 More!!!

The full gist of exactly what you get as a dealer for "Motivational Magic!" is below.

Now, if you'd like to go further than simply reading and implementing "Motivational Magic!" in your business and other daily activities, I have an offer I'm sure you'll find hard to resist!

After talking with a few of my online friends who are already quite successful in their own businesses, I've come to the conclusion they're right about one thing...

If I want to help many more people than I can possibly reach on my own, one of my best options would be to sell you dealership rights to this ebook at a very affordable price.

So, for a very limited time only, I'm offering you the full dealership rights to "Motivational Magic!" for the low price of just $150. 

These dealership rights entitle you to upload this exact sales page to your web site, sell access to this ebook, and keep all the profits. Make just 6 sales of "Motivational Magic!" and you're already in profit.

Now, there are a few rules however attached to the "Motivational Magic Dealership". You see, I've done my best to set this up so you can make as much profits as you want selling "Motivational Magic!" without having any one rain on your parade.

You've probably seen the endless sea of web sites hawking access and resell rights to some of the best, most valuable ebooks online together in bundled packages for a ridiculously low fee. The end result of course is that those ebooks have LOST all of their real value!

Now, I don't have any intentions of letting such spoil sports ruin the value of your new  "Motivational Magic Dealership" so I've set the rules below to keep them at bay. These rules are for your protection as well as mine. So, I hope you see the value they offer.

Motivational Magic Dealership Rules & Regulations

1. Access to the ebook may not be offered free or bundled in any package.
2. The ebook may not be offered as a bonus to any package.
3. You may not change anything on the sales page without consent from the author.
4. You may not sell the ebook for less or more than the going price of $27.

If those 4 rules seem too strict to you, you're not eligible to be a dealer, and you will have to pass up the profits you can make selling this package.

If on the other hand, you're interested in making money selling "Motivational Magic!", then I have even more great news for you!

I've decided to offer you THREE more totally exclusive bonus packs you will only see right here, on this web site. If you're ready, lets see what else you get as an official "Motivational Magic Dealer"..

Extra Dealer-Only Bonus Pack # 1..

Now as if that was not enough, I have this set up so you can make an EXTRA 50% commission as well if your prospects choose to grab this dealership offer, too!

Now, once you order your own dealership rights now for just $150, I'll rush you the secret "Motivational Magic Dealership Set Up Pack" detailing how you can immediately start to earn your EXTRA 50% commission on every reseller upgrade order made through you.

Full details will be sent to you once I receive your order, today.

In the meantime, I have 2 more Dealer-Only bonus packs just for you. However these will be strictly limited only to the first 200 dealers we get from this sales page. I hope that will include you!

Here's what else you get when you order dealership rights, now..

Extra Dealer Only Bonus Pack # 2..

As I sit here and write you this letter, I'm using a few little extra "motivational magic" tricks to make certain I have this whole package ready and waiting for you to grab yours within the next few days. And before I go on, I have a confession.

Writing this letter was the last thing on my agenda, and to tell the truth, it didn't come very easy. In fact, I went through several drafts.

But, like any other time when I'm facing a big or small road block, I simply pick up one of my "Motivational Magic" reports and remind myself just what it takes to be a winner.

Does it work all of time? Majority of the time..

Yes, it works, and this is obviously one of those times because right now, you're reading a letter I never thought would see the light of day!

I won't tell you it's a miracle, because it's not.

I simply implemented my own advice to get my best done, quickly and deliver the goods to you, ready for sale by you, me and any other dealers willing to share the good news of "Motivational Magic" with any other marketers we can find!

Some of the EXTRA "Motivational Mindset Magic" reports that did help me finish up this project is what I'm offering you now, for FREE as my Bonus Pack # 2!

I had thought to hold on to these and SELL them in volume II of "Motivational Magic" but, a friend convinced me to add them to THIS package.

He also advised me to give access to these 5 extra reports to only 200 action marketers who SEE the potential of grabbing this advice.. while it's brand new, hot and heavy!

The 5 extra motivational reports you'll get will teach you how to..

tick Actively implement the power of visualization to quickly finish and benefit from ANY project you have in front of you now, or in the future!

tick Become the Henry Ford of your business! Discover how to use Napoleon Hill's proven law of specialization (as Henry Ford did) to create more time and energy for yourself, everyday!

tick Become truly happy and successful! Discover how to avoid unnecessary disappointment and tragedy in your life--this is guaranteed to work. I use it everyday. You can, too!
tick Avoid the biggest energy drainer in the world! And put yourself and business on the FAST TRACK to true, unadulterated success!

tick Apply Frank "Pep" Bettinger's secret to conditioning your mind for success with ANYTHING you lay your hands on, for the rest of your life!

Extra Dealer Only Bonus Pack # 3..

Special web site only discount to the first 200 dealers only!

As the last but not least of my special bonus offers to the first 200 dealers only, here is Bonus Pack # 3 now..

If you order the "Motivational Magic" dealership now, before you leave this web site, I'll knock off a full $53 off of the going $150 dealership fee, just for you!

That's right. I know I said for just $123 more you could become a dealer and get all the benefits that come with it. But, as I sit here in front of my computer on this clear July night, and write you this letter, I'm suddenly feeling even more generous than normal.

So, I've decided that if you decide to grab your own exclusive "Motivational Magic Dealership Pack" today, I'll very happily slash an extra $53 off of the dealership fee, just for you (and 199 lucky others), so all you end up paying is just $97!

Now, you have to make just 4 sales of "Motivational Magic!" to already be in profit!

But (and this is a BIG but), to be eligible to get your "Motivational Magic Dealership Pack" for just $97, you really MUST act now, and order today! There will be NO exceptions.

As a final recap, you have 2 options to choose from. Here they are again..

If you're interested only in profiting from the contents of "Motivational Magic", you can order the access-only option for the low price of just $27. Gain access within 3 minutes! Click here now to order Instant access for only $27!

If you'd like to profit from selling this ebook yourself, AND keeping every cent you make, this option is for you. Click here now to order Dealership rights for only $97!

Don't wait to order...

Internet marketing successes and failures are made within the twinkling of an eye. If you wait to see "what will happen", you'll really only be kicking yourself later at all the possible thousands of dollars you've thrown right in the garbage bin. 

I've been using the same tactics in this ebook for years. I've learned a lot and I've crossed a lot of hurdles and succeeded where I would have otherwise failed, all thanks to the proven mindset medication in this ebook.

There is no doubt in my mind that The KEY to YOUR success also lies within the pages of this ebook. Go on, make the right decision and order today.


Here's my last challenge to you...

Prove me wrong, and I'll give you your money back. Every cent.

Prove me right, and you can send me a nice sized bonus check, just to be nice.

But seriously, you've got nothing to lose. The risk is on me. Apply what I'll show you, and you too can get on the fast track to real success, today! The clock is ticking...

To YOUR success!

John Colanzi & Tom Hua
Editor & Publisher, Street Smart Marketing.

PS: It would normally cost you $150 to become a dealer, however as a special promotional offer, I'm letting the first 200 action marketers who grab this option,
take home the dealership for just $97
.. that's a full $53 off the normal cost of dealership!

PPS: As a dealer, you can make an EXTRA 50% commission as well if your prospects choose to grab the dealership offer, too! This offer is for official "Motivational Magic!" dealers only, so you'll get the FULL gist of how this works after you place your order.

PPPS: To get your hands on Bonus packs # 2 and # 3 (see above), you MUST be
among the first 200 people to order the "Motivational Magic!" dealership!
Once the 200th order for the dealership comes in, I'll rush down here and take down Bonus packs # 2 and # 3. And once I take them down, you will NEVER see them again. That's a promise.

Copyright 2002. John Colanzi. All Rights Reserved.