"You Truly Can Make Money On The Internet"

"You are the only one who is stopping you from making money."  Teresa King

"Discover what it takes and how to achieve the life style you dream about"

From the award winning co-author of "AutoResponder Secret Courses"
written by: Teresa King and Patty Baldwin

Teresa proudly presents:

"17 Top Secrets to Set Your Site on Fire"

Dear Fellow Marketer:

You know it is not really that there are SECRETS to making money on the net. It 
is that you get a little information here, or there.. but it is never put together in one LUMP, in a way that you can easily understand it.

With the knowledge in this Incredible Report, you can "Set your Site on Fire."

Yes, there will be some top marketers not happy that I am putting this in a package in a NUTSHELL. However, most don't give a flying hoot.  WHY?

The first reason is: There is plenty of room at the top. And, the second and
largest reason is: Only a few who get this information will make it to the income of over $100,000 per year. WHY? I will get to that it in a bit.

Right now I am going to tell you why you will want this report.

YOU Want  this report when you:
  • Are marketing and not getting any hits to your site
  • Don't have a product of your own 
  • Are getting some hits but no sales
  • Want to make your business work
  • Almost got it, but haven't quite figured it all out yet.
  • Have problems with creativity.
  • Have not started marketing on the net
  • Just can't seem to make any sales
  • Don't have anything to sell
  • Haven't a Clue of What Makes it Happen

Okay, back to the why only a few people will make it to the top.

Because they have to apply what they learn. Then work hard to make it happen. 
Most people don't have that "grit."

Oh, they might start with great enthusiasm then after a few tries and they didn't make any money, they quit.  Are you a quitter?

I almost quit. I spent two years learning the things I needed to know but still was 
not making much money. The bills were piling up and my dreams were fading.
I am so glad I didn't quit... and I hope you don't quit.

"You see to become successful I had to give up. And so will you.

You will have to give up:

  • Your Sunday football game.
  • Your nights out and your weekends.
  • Almost all of your leisure time
And, you will have to make extra time and spend some money to fulfill your dreams. It doesn't take a lot of money, but it does take a lot of time.

I did that.. for two years I gave up all my free time and worked around the clock so many times I can't count the lack of sleep and the over work and the frustration and the trickling sales.  (Well, I could count the trickling sales) But, I didn't know all of what this report is going to tell you, then.

When it all sank in and the light bulb switched on, my life changed .......boy, 
did it change. 

At this writing, I have been on the net building my reputation, and making my dreams come true for almost four years. And those were not part time years. They were full time on the net years.

Maybe I am crazy, or maybe I am big hearted.....or both. All I know is I don't 
want to see you spending two long miserable years to learn what I am going to 
tell you in this report. If you don't have a website or don't know how to get a basic site started the report will show you the steps to get started.

Hey, the big wigs gave up a lot to get where they are...  and now they are taking vacations and watching what they want and when they want on tv........... They earned it.

Some of them, like me, didn't have a dime to spare, nor the vast opportunity that is out here now when they first started. Now, they have invested their money and enjoy figuring out how to make more money. They deserve it!

But, they didn't do it by sitting around moaning that they were not making money or getting hits to their site.

THEY figured out what it took to get hits and to get qualified customers and repeat customers along with repeat visitors and how to build websites that sell. So they made SALES.. lots of sales.

They spent hours, weeks, months, and even years to get it all figured out.

I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to do to get yourself making 
money on the net. The potential on the net is endless. It can only be stopped 
by your desire, your determination and your will to succeed.

And the other big stop is......HOW TO DO IT? 

I can solve the HOW TO DO IT to succeed, however I can't make you successful. You are the only one that can do that. Do you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams?

"Then, yes, this report is for you."

If it sounds too hard, then you can stop right here and go read some web page that hypes you up and fills you with empty promises of fast cash with no work. "The lazy man's way to make money." You won't find it in this report.

"The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it." -- Horace Greeley 

This report has:

  • 17 TOP SECRETS........ of what took many marketers years to learn, including myself. Each secret is explained so that you can easily follow what all you need to do and why.
And, I bet you know some of them, perhaps all of them, but you have just not gotten the total picture to pull in a consistent steady income.

To Your Wonderful Success,

Teresa King

Hi Teresa,
"17 Top Secrets to Set Your Site on Fire" is another Home Run!!! You know I prefer Less Fluff & Great Stuff and you have delivered on that. With your down to Earth approach and no nonsense information anyone will be able to get their Net Biz soaring to new heights!


Best Regards,
Mike Allton
Net Biz Helpers - Your Guide for the Digital Frontier!

Hi Teresa!

Mike told me about this new book at 2PM today and I started reading it immediately. This is great!  I have been sitting in front of my computer for 2 hours, am a little stiff because I just kept reading.  It is AWESOME!  

I enjoyed all of it.  It also gave me the needed motivation to continue on with my projects. Thank you for writing such a fun book to read.

I mean it and I will be going back to it often as you answer a lot of my questions...actually you answered questions I didn't know I had ;} THANKS, Nancy Allton

But wait, this book comes with reseller rights! That's right, you will get a template for your sales page and your thank you page along with your book 
and you can set it up on your server, and begin selling right away.
This report also offers further options for upgrading to making more money with
this report.

Wow! Teresa, this Report is simply Phenomenal. I can't believe all the information that you crammed into "17 Top Secrets to Set Your Site on Fire."  I wish I had known "Your Secrets" long ago as it would have saved me time, money and aggravation.  This is a blessing for any Marketer trying to make it online. And the back 
end money making options are unique and very exciting.

Ryan Sawyer

START TODAY.. have this report in your hands in less than 5 minutes.......... 

Hi Teresa,

I just finished your new eBook, "17 Top Secrets to Set Your Site on Fire," and I am literally stunned.  Your eBook is packed with so much innovative and useful information that you could have divided it into at least 4 separate reports.  You cover everything anyone would need to know about starting and profiting from their own home business.

Everyone doing business on the net, or anyone 
thinking of doing business on the net needs your book!

By the way, some of the jokes you threw in had me rolling on the floor :o)

Steven Schwartzman

I guarantee that you will see the light at the end of the tunnel or your money back!

Get "17 Top Secrets to Set Your Site on Fire" Now!

Hi Teresa,

This eBook is a masterpiece. I love the way you picked each step from start to finish for making and growing profits from an information based business.

It's fantastic and I will be reselling this for sure. In 
fact, I'm on my way to reserve a domain name just for that purpose. 

Great work!

Kunle Olomofe 

"Yes, I am willing to 
do what it takes to 
become successful. 
Teach me how!"

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When you want to invest in selling something on the net; your best option is to keep the product valuable.  The rules were made for those reasons.


The reseller rights have rules:

You cannot put this book in a membership club.
You cannot sell this book in an auction.
You cannot make this book free.
You cannot use this book as a bonus. 
You may put a bonus to other things on your sales page to 
help sell this book.

P.S. Don't worry, this report will teach you the reasoning behind "rules."

P.S.S. Yes, no matter what computer you have, you can read this book!

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